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Monday, July 8, 2013

Quality over quantity

I find it amusing when other beach hunters use the excuse that I live in a place with a lot of tourists, therefore I should find more jewelry. 
It is even more amusing when other beach hunters come down to Florida, spend days or weeks jewelry hunting and go home empty handed. 
It takes a lot of research, beach and water reading skills, hard work and determination to find top shelf jewelry on a consistent basis no matter where you live. 
More tourist beaches usually translates to more beach and shallow water hunters,and fierce competition for jewelry finds.
As you can see by this display of platinum, gold and diamonds, I am not a numbers guy and prefer to go for quality over quantity.

That same popular beach everyone else is pounding for fresh drops every day with their hunting buddies is never going to be as productive as a site that you researched and discovered for yourself.
Instead of getting in line to fight for scraps at the main beach, try researching the beach with an eye towards the people using it. 
Crowded beaches full of surfers and college kids are like catnip to beach and water hunters, who see the crowded beaches and start purring.
Every beach has a section that is popular with an older crowd or families, they are perfect places to search. 
You may not get as many signals as the crowded younger hang outs in front of beach side bars or water sports rental locations, but the quality of finds will more than make up for the longer quiet time between targets. 

These heavy platinum bands were not lost by college kids on spring break, they are the kind of finds I knew I was likely to find because of the people using a certain part of the beach.
Reading the beach is not always about searching for low spots or crowded areas on tourist beaches. 
Beach and water reading skills also involve knowing what you are searching for, and knowing where you are likely to find it.  

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