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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Run with the fox

Never chase with the hounds when it comes to beach and shallow water treasure hunting. 
One thing you will never see on this blog is the best time to go treasure hunting, no beach ratings scale or get your metal detector battery charged storm warnings.
In my opinion, ANYTIME is the best time to go treasure hunting.
With the popularity of metal detecting forums and local beach metal detecting conditions bloggers, there  are more people staying at home waiting for someone to tell them when to go treasure hunting.
You can now stay several steps ahead of the competition for metal detecting finds by just simply going to the beach, instead of getting caught up in other peoples negative beach hunting attitudes.
Our hobby is not called treasure waiting, become another beach hunters worst nightmare by being positive and putting the hunt back in treasure hunting.
Try to develop an all around beach or water hunting strategy that will get you through slow times. 
Being a versatile beach hunter that goes to the beach regardless is the perfect way to develop a positive treasure hunting attitude. 
A treasure hunter that is able to search in the wet sand, dry sand and shallow water can adapt to searching in "sanded in" conditions, versatile treasure hunters find a way to get the job done.
The next time you see people posting or blogging about the chances of finding anything on the beach being poor, think of this Spanish treasure ring.
I wonder how many Treasure Coast beach hunters stayed at home the day I found this magnificent 298 year old piece of 22.5 K Inca gold with nine near flawless Colombian emeralds. 

You never know unless you go!  

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