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Monday, June 3, 2013

Go with the flow

Here is photograph of three designer rings, all found because I was forced to search an area on the beach that I would have probably passed over if I had a choice. 

The 18K yellow gold Rolex ring was one of six gold rings I found within an hour of water hunting several years ago.  
When I arrived at the beach to water hunt, two other guys showed up at the same time and started to search ahead of me.  One guy was in the deeper water and the other guy took the wet sand at a very promising bowled out area on a popular South Florida tourist beach. 
I hunted just inside the water in the first drop off and hugged the shoreline, recovering several pieces of silver jewelry along with the six gold rings. 
The 18K white gold Bvlgari ring was one of three gold rings I found on another tourist beach that was swarmed with treasure hunters on a pre dawn Saturday morning.  
The dozen or so hunters were either hunting in the water with headlamps or up in the dry sand concentrating on the towel line.
I again went with the flow and took the main area not being heavily searched, the wet sand.  
The 18K emerald & diamond Cartier ring was found at night in the bottom angle of a cut beach last year.  A beach that was being heavily hunted by local beach hunters that like to search in groups and spread the word to friends when they make finds. 
It was night time and a group of four guys showed up two hours before low tide to search the lower beach.  
I was squeezed out of the lower beach by the inconsiderate buddy hunters but as you can see by the designer ladies ring I got to take home, sometimes it pays to go with the flow. 
All three of these gold rings were found because I took advantage of the one area of the beach available or not being searched, the first drop off in the water, the wet sand and the upper wet sand. 
Try not to make the mistake of thinking the good finds must be in one area of the beach or water, or that you are missing out on valuable finds if an area of the beach is already being searched. 
Go with the flow and hammer the area where you can make a difference. 

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