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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Outside the box

I cannot imagine anything worse than being known as that guy who is always at the same beach at a certain day and time.  One of the best ways of improving your finds and adding some variety to them is to hunt outside the box.   Just because you live somewhere with tourist beaches full of modern hotels and condos does not mean there was not some history connected to the place in the past. 
If you research your local beaches and more importantly the out of the way places no other beach hunters can be bothered to search,  you may one day be rewarded. 
I spend many hours searching remote areas for old finds and coming home empty handed, but once in a while I get lucky and get to touch some history.  
The finds in this photo represent a lot of patience, waiting to act on remote and less hunted sites that were just as ready for picking as any well known site that attracts crowds of other beach hunters after any form of beach erosion.  
From 1830s Seminole indian war gold to early 1700s Spanish silver, treasure await the enterprising beach hunter that does not follow the crowd.  Think outside the box! 

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