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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hot spots

Once you start to get a good feel for your local beaches, try to find the hot spots. 
I refer to areas on a beach where you are more likely to find something good as "hot spots". 
Whether you are searching for gold jewelry, coins or shipwreck artifacts, once you start to locate finds on a beach you are discovering potential hot spots.
Many of my hot spots on my local beaches from several years ago are still producing good metal detecting finds to this day.  There is a big difference between a random metal detecting find site and a hot spot. 
You will see that for yourself the next time you find something good in an area that has produced in the past.  Keep quiet about the hot spot and you have an endless source of future finds.
Many beach and water hunters are just passing through and oblivious to a potential hot spot.
Hot spots are the local beach hunters biggest advantage over the competition during times of beach erosion. 
This 14K ladies eternity band set with 2.5 carats of diamonds was found at one of my hot spots.

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