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Saturday, November 10, 2018

I love firm bottoms !

Now I have your attention, if you are a beach or water hunter it is important to understand the relationship between a firm bottom and success with your metal detector.
I’m always looking for a firm or hard bottom when I hit the beach because I know the harder the sand I am walking over is the more chance I have of finding something good.
When coins or jewelry are lost at the beach, they eventually sink deeper until they hit a deep layer they cannot penetrate.
Coins, jewelry and artifacts always find a base layer where they remain until some lucky beach or water hunter comes along with a metal detector to rescue them.
Many tourist beaches are heavily hunted now, but more people swinging metal detectors does not always decrease your chances of being successful if you can read a beach and know where the best potential sites are within a site.
Firm sand or packed shell under foot is a good sign, so too is coral or coquina exposed on the lower beach or inside the water.
Ripple troughs and other areas on the beach carved out by unusual onshore wave action are often firmer under foot than surrounding areas. 
Rocky areas on lower beaches or shallow water hunting sites are always the dogs danglies when it comes to detecting coins, jewelry or artifacts, they are impenetrable collection areas.
You need a certain set of target recovery skills to recover targets from these type of areas also a variety of target recovery tools.
If you carry a flat head screwdriver, needle nose pliers and a mask and snorkel, you probably already know what I mean about searching for hard bottoms.
Some of my best beach and water hunts occured because I found a firm or hard bottom stacked with targets that could not sink any further. 
If an area of the beach is tough digging it’s worth digging, if it’s almost impossible to detect and recover targets in it’s worth detecting and recovering target in! 
Do you go to the beach to cover as much ground as possible or find the best ground to cover? 
Searching for a firm or hard bottom will help you detect and recover the most targets. 

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