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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Where and what for ?

The question I am asked more than any other question is what metal detector should I use and my reply is always the same.
It depends where are you going to use it and what are you hoping to detect.
The where and what should always be the deciding factors when it comes to choosing a metal detector.
I predominantly search saltwater beaches so I use waterproof metal detectors that can handle salt at saltwater beaches.
It’s also about being in the comfort zone, being comfortable using the metal detector and knowing it can detect what I am searching for.
The two secrets to a happy union between user and metal detector are ease of use and ability to detect the targets you are searching for.
For example, I search for Spanish treasure and modern tourist bling so I need a metal detector that is capable of detecting small silver and gold targets. 
The climate I search in is often sweltering hot and humid with plenty of tropical downpours so I need to use a waterproof well balanced metal detector. 
Taking everything into account, choosing a metal detector comes down to figuring out where and what for. 
Metal detectors are very much like any other purchase ranging from affordable to pricey, you just have to decide what features you really need within your budget.
It’s not about what metal detector someone else is using searching for something you are unlikely to find, it’s about the right metal detector for you in the places you will likely use it.
Remember your metal detector is the tool you use to detect what your are searching for, always use the right tool for the job. 
As you get into metal detecting you will see what accessories you need to help make the job even easier, but your choice of metal detector will always be the main thing to consider.
Research metal detectors intended for use at the sites you are likely to search and narrow it down to what you plan to search for.
Remember where and what for !

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