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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Searching after crowded beach events

The beaches are going to be crowded this 4th of July presenting an ideal opportunity to detect something good, if you know how to make the most of your metal detecting time after the festivities have ended.
Beaches are littered with sprinkler wires and trash the morning after firework displays so don’t be afraid to turn the discrimination setting up a notch to suit the temporary trashy beach hunting conditions.
Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be the first person at the beach using a metal detector to find good stuff lost after a crowded beach event.
All you have to do is take your time and cover the area you to choose to search methodically.
Trying to cover the whole beach before other detecting dudes show up will guarantee you go home empty handed unless you are extremely lucky.
Hit prime beach hunting areas hard and slow, have a back up area of the beach in mind just in case you decide to stay searching longer.
Before I hit the beach I plan ahead to see where beach and street closures are going to take place, so I know where to park and when I can get on certain areas of the beach.
I never drive to the beach after the festivities on a beach have just ended, too much traffic and too many potential drunk drivers around for my liking.
Sometimes you are better off letting the beach cleaning crews do their work before hitting the beach, it just depends on the amount of metal detecting competition you have at your local beach.
After a music event at a beach last year I did not get to the beach until mid morning, the beach was still littered with fast food wrappers and beer cans.
Just as bad was crater like holes in the sand, left behind by a small army of beach hunters who search the popular tourist beach.
Figuring I know how the competition like to race around trying to cover the whole beach I would take my time and work one prime area opposite the beach entrance.
Using my foot to sweep cans and fast food wrappers to one side, I saw the glint of a gold reflecting in the morning sun before detecting a superb 18K gold rope chain with a one ounce gold krugerrand pendant.
I wonder how many people using metal detectors detected the beer cans on top of the sand or walked around them before dawn. 
The bigger the beach event the more packed a beach is, making the beach the place to search for lost jewelry and coins.
Freshly lost jewelry and coins are not going to be very deep so you can use your target depth gauge to help you cover ground more efficiently, knowing any deep targets are not worth digging on a post beach event hunt.
I also prefer using a VLF metal detector with a VDI screen on these type of beach hunts to avoid digging ferrous (Iron) trash and undesirable non ferrous objects.
Keep your eyes peeled for surface finds such as sunglasses and paper money, jewelry if you are lucky! 
Searching after large gatherings at the beach remind me of searching after coastal storms, a chance to hit areas you know to be previously productive and recover something good because of the area.
Where are you going to search when the crowds leave the beach?  
You could search on the fly but it is better to have a plan ahead of time and stick with it in my opinion.
Pick a high beach traffic area or two and be a discriminating beach hunter, cover the areas you’ve planned to search for high priority targets you are really trying to detect and recover.      
Crowded independence beaches are great opportunities to find something good for a beach hunter, but I always spare a thought for the people who’s celebration turned to disappointment after losing something they valued.
I always check the local newspaper  “ Lost” notices and Craigslist for a chance to keep the Karma rolling with a happy return story.


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