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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Always something to find

I am not a big fan of negativity in metal detecting which is why I always head out for a search believing anything is possible and I will probably find something.
In my opinion there is always something to find at any beach if you put your time in and look beyond the conditions you see. 
I chuckle reading beach blogs and detecting forum reports about poor beach hunting conditions and lack of finds, I imagine someone walking the same stretch of beach waiting for something to happen week after week. 
The best way to deal with any finds drought is to mix things up starting with a change of scenery. 
Searching in a straight line along the lower beach at the same beach everyday because you found something there a couple of years ago is not a good beach hunting strategy. 
Avoid getting in any type of beach hunting comfort zone because the more you mix things up the more you will find. 
Just trying new things is a step in the right direction, even if you do not find anything you will have tried something different and probably learned something new.
I recover jewelry, coins and artifacts in some of the weirdest places and often when I least expect to. 
One reason why I detect and recover good stuff on a regular basis is because I search a wide variety of areas and I do not assume anything other than there is always something to find somewhere.
I was recently at a metal detecting event held on a beach in Canada and saw something I love seeing in the hobby, enthusiast beginners.
Not one of those beginners asked me when or where should I go beach hunting.
No doubt the majority of those newbies are going to go beach hunting whenever and wherever, more than likely having beginners luck I hope.
Beginners are my favorite type of beach hunters, unpredictable and not set in any ways.
At a heavily hunted beach I dare say they are more competition than experienced beach hunters more likely to search a certain way all the time.
I don’t say this as a shot against experienced beach hunters, just an observation.
When you don’t know what another beach hunter is going to do, they are probably doing something right.

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