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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Transitioning between areas and settings

Im not big into using other people’s metal detector programs or settings, as you have to set your metal detector up to suit the area you are going to search.
A beach hunter may set their metal detector up to search on the dry sand and wander over wet sand or get into the water to search, the reason why it is important to know how to adjust settings to suit the ground being covered.
Hands up how many beach hunters the  same settings no matter where on the beach they are searching?
The low beam car headlights in the fog seeing better analogy translates well to lower beach hunting, the area a lower sensitivity level will work better over salt or black sand.
I usually crank up the metal detector sensitivity the further away from the water I search, I also use more discrimination up in the dry sand which tends to be trashier than the lower beach.
Different areas of the beach require different metal detector settings, even search patterns make a difference over different ground.
Sweep your coil close to the water searching along the shoreline and listen for the false signal you get  on the end of the sweep away from the water.
Your metal detector will be working overtime searching over the constantly changing sand close to the water.
If your metal detector does not have automatic ground balancing you should really stop and ground balance your metal detector to better suit any area that is significantly different to what you first started out setting up your metal detector and searching.
 I often see people using metal detectors I know have to be ground balanced moving from the dry sand into the water and vise versa without stopping to ground balance.
Get in the habit of setting your metal detector up when you get to the beach to suit the conditions, start searching and tweak your settings to see what you can get away with in the area you are searching.
If you move close to or inside the water tweak again looking for a smooth operation without much chatter, remember less is often more over difficult ground.
If you move away from the water tweak your settings with an eye towards running a little hotter over dry and less salt saturated ground.
At the beach salt is the thing that is going to effect your metal detector the most, adjust your settings to handle the salt content.
A little trick I use when searching over constantly changing ground is using a ring on a string, if I can detect the 14 K gold wedding band on the string at a certain depth my settings are fine, but if I cannot detect the ring  I tweak my settings until I detect the ring.
There are no set and forget metal detector settings when you search a wide variety of areas at the beach, salinity levels, black sand, even the amount of seaweed searched over effect your metal detector.
Tweak and tweak often at the beach my friends.

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