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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Talking and walking at the beach

I meet a lot of other people metal detecting at the beach, although I keep my head down and avoid eye contact sometimes chatting with other beach or water hunters is unavoidable.  
I used to post all my Spanish treasure and modern jewelry finds so it was not really the best idea to chat to everyone I met using a metal detector because I risked people knowing exactly where I recovered the stuff I was posting.
Before I came out of the shadows writing beach hunting books, posting bling and appearing on treasure hunting shows, I was a hardcore metal detecting ninja and I must admit I pulled some crazy stunts to fly under the radar.  
I used to go out of my way not to be remembered, wearing a mullet wig, a flap hat, wrap around shades or mismatched clothes, anything to make me look like any other local metal detecting club member out swinging a metal detector. 
It worked because when I did have to talk to chatty beach hunters they always told me I was using the wrong type of metal detector when I responded no I have not found anything.
They often invited me to local metal detecting clubs to meet the best hunter for miles around, who uses a certain metal detector that I should also buy to change my fortunes. 
I remember one day visiting a remote beach along the Treasure Coast of Florida, as I walked towards the beach another person was walking off the beach with a very old metal detector. 
I smiled and asked if he had any luck with his vintage machine, I had the latest model of metal detector from the same company and was to be honest being a smug.
That guy wiped the smile off my face in a New York minute as he showed me a superb looking Spanish treasure coin he had just found at the beach, a 1715 fleet silver four reale with a small iron spike fused to the back. 
He then went on to tell me how my latest and greatest metal detector would have rejected the iron and not detected the treasure coin, he was probably right. 
We chatted a little and the guy left the beach to me, which I would probably never have visited again if I had not seen the chatty strangers sweet treasure coin. 
That Treasure Coast beach has been so good to me for about thirteen years now, you see where Im going with this? 
On another occasion I was water hunting at a tourist beach and watched a guy showing his fresh jewelry finds to a crowd of people in the water, I recovered a hum dinger of a diamond ring about 30 yards ahead of the guy who was entertaining the crowd with his silver ring and cheap watch.  
The $10.000.00 diamond ring would have probably fallen to the other guy if he walked instead of talked as he was searching in that direction. 
That tourist beach is still one of my favorite modern jewelry hunting sites, because I decided to cover ground instead of lallygagging with tourists. 
The moral of todays hardcore beach hunting blog is to never show your finds to strangers, especially when that stranger could be a hardcore beach hunter because the site and future finds are probably gone forever. 

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