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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Come get it

Oh no they did'nt? is something I often find myself thinking after checking out internet metal detecting sites. 
On Facebook groups and metal detecting forums, you see people giving away productive sites or areas for a few WTGs on a nice recovery.
Posting photos of potentially good beach hunting conditions is also popular, especially during or after coastal storms or high surf. 
Call me an old fashioned beach prospector, but sending an RSVP to the competition is not the wisest move for a beach hunter.
Productive sites always have the potential to be productive in the future, unless you give them away and everyone with a metal detector for miles around knows about them.
Good beach hunting conditions have the potential to be open for business several days, but they will be cleaned out quickly if you post a report about upgraded site conditions and attract a metal detecting crowd. 
Beach and water hunters can find more stuff in the future at productive sites if they keep the site and upgraded conditions on the down low.
Good beach hunting sites are normally reliant on specific beach conditions to help open them up.
This is especially true of beach hunting sites known for kicking up old coins or artifacts, for example shipwreck beaches. 
Good sites within a site are golden if you know where they are located, no matter if it is a tourist beach or an out of the way shipwreck beach.
Give your good sites away and they are gone forever, give an eroded beach open for business away and it is heavily hunted quickly.
I look at my favorite money holes like a savings account, I can always make a withdrawal in the future when the time is right. 
There is a darn good reason why I do not post details of exactly where I go or who I meet and what I find at those places I search. 
I like productive sites and knowing I can count on them in the future too much to risk giving them away with a blow by blow account of my beach or water hunt.

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