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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

11 days without internet and the best metal detector at the beach

I will spare you the details about hurricane Irma, the loss of power and get right to the good stuff.
During our power outage I spent my spare time answering texts and messages on my phone, with the number one topic being metal detector or search coil related from people who thought that was the most important thing on my mind after the hurricane lol
It normally is but not this one time, anyway I fielded an unusually high number of questions from people who wanted to know what I thought was the best metal detector, several people asking the question took up metal detecting at heavily hunted beaches.
My reply was the best metal detector you can take to the beach is you, if you expose yourself to a wide variety of beach hunting sites and conditions.
Getting beach hunting savvy does not cost a darn thing, knowing where and why to search at the beach comes with experience and learning from experiences. 
Watch and learn to read people using the beach, see how your recoveries relate to when and where people use the beach.
Look for features that catch your eye, especially at beaches you are likely to return to search. 
For example bottom beach steps exposed, or a rocky area on the lower beach,  two things that could be good future beach hunting signs.
I rely heavily on site selection and beach reading skills, along with knowledge of my local beaches. 
Heck I believe I could probably kick butt at the beach without a metal detector and just a spade for digging.
I know why I am at most sites and what to look for at the beach, a metal detector just makes life easier pinpointing jewelry and coins.
You could say a metal detector is just a tool you use to compliment your beach or water hunting skills.
It should not be the opposite way around, if you have no beach or water hunting skills even the most expensive metal detector will not change your fortunes.
I sometimes put my metal detector down and use a pin-pointer in areas I know contain good stuff, especially when I know a small but potentially productive area is littered with iron. 
The less you rely on your metal detector, the more you will eventually find with your metal detector. 
Something to think about if you believe your metal detector is holding you back from finding good stuff.
When you learn to drive, you can drive any car, the one you choose to buy within your budget is usually the one you are most comfortable driving. 
Metal detectors are the same, learn where and how to use it. 

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