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Monday, July 24, 2017

Sweep slow low and level

Your sweep speed and search coil control are often overlooked money makers at the beach. 
Slowly sweeping a level search coil close to the sand throughout the sweeping motion, will lead to detecting more valuable items.
It is not the amount of hours you spend beach or water hunting with a metal detector, it is what you do in those hours. 
If you have to spend all day at the beach swinging a metal detector to find stuff, you are swinging your metal detector. 
I guarantee the less ground you cover slowly, the more targets  you will detect.
The more targets you detect and dig, the less hours you can physically stay out at the beach digging. 
My two or three hour beach and water hunts are intense, because  I use my beach reading skills and site selection to make sure I am detecting and digging targets not covering ground.
If your beach or water hunting plan is covering more ground than the competition, you are likely sacrificing technique and finds for ground coverage.
Sweeping slow low and level means sacrificing ground for finds at heavily hunted beaches.
Just one reason why a heavily hunted beach means nothing to me, I'm probably still going to get my share because I rely on site reading skills and technique. 
Detecting targets in the sand is what beach and water hunting is all about, not covering a beach before someone else shows up to detect. 
It makes perfect beach treasure hunting sense to give yourself as much chance of detecting targets as possible. 
Sweeping your search coil slow low and level, should make sure you are not covering an area too quickly.
My sweep technique is based on a three second sweep from left to right and right to left.
I do not step forward until I have swept my search coil in front of me twice, even overlapping my sweeps if I am using a mono search coil. 
On sandy beaches my search coil scuffs or scrubs the sand, for maximum target depth. 
If what I am searching for is within detection range of the metal detector and search coil I am using, it's going to be detected.
If I end up going home empty handed I know it was not there, but that does not happen very often when you sweep slow low and level. 
These two pieces of gold jewelry were recovered while trailing a couple of speedy water hunters this weekend.
Nothing to do with metal detector choice, everything to do with sweep speed and search coil control. 

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