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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Beach hunting "L" plates

I remember back in England having to have a big red L for learner sticker on my car when I was first learning to drive.
When you first start beach and shallow water hunting you don't need an L plate as experienced beach hunters can easily spot a beginner from a distance.
I often see people new to beach hunting, but I don't look down my nose at them or mistakenly believe they are not competition.
They often have more chance of detecting something good than a seasoned beach or water hunter. 
The reason why is because they have not restricted themselves yet, got set in their beach hunting ways.
A seasoned beach or water hunter is more likely to head to one spot and search it the same way they always do. 
A beginner will search different areas, try different things and often dig unexpected items. 
Some of those recoveries are going to be good targets in unexpected beach or water hunting scenarios. 
In my opinion, the guy in the white sneakers and socks using a land detector up in the dry sand, has just as much chance of finding something good as the guy searching in the water dressed like a navy seal. 
Who the heck says you have to search a certain area or a certain way to detect good stuff at the beach, lost is lost at the beach and what you are searching for is often never where you think it is. 
If jewelry and coins are always found where you expect them to be, they would probably be referred to as waiting stuff not lost stuff.  
Sounds strange, but plenty of beach and water hunters return to the exact same places expecting to recover something else long after they recovered an initial find.
The reason I can return to certain beaches and see the same guys in the same areas doing the exact same thing I saw them doing the last time I searched those beaches. 
There is such a thing as being a local beach hunter, but same site same way same day same time hunting is just plain crazy.
Although, it is good knowing where other beach and water hunters will be while I am searching a different place filling my finds pouch. 
Hands up how many people reading this blog watch other people searching a completely different area and think they are wasting valuable detecting time doing that.
I'm the opposite, when I see a newbie searching a much different area to where I am searching I always wonder what they found.
I will often replicate what I saw a newbie doing at the beach, because they are often doing something 99% of other beach or water hunters would not "Waste" their time doing.
Although I have a lot of experience beach and water hunting I will never take my beach and water hunting L plates off.
Here are a few things people new to beach metal detecting often don't do which helps them to have beginners luck.
They do not read tide charts, have a favorite site, need to use the most expensive metal detector or the same metal detector everyone else is using, they are not hung up about competition, they are content with what they find and they are often having more fun than you! 
Beginners luck is often the best kind of luck, the very reason beginners have so much of it.
Throw caution and beach hunting misconceptions to the wind, have you ever though how would a beginner search the same beach and find something good? 
Beginners find good stuff experienced beach hunters ignore, so avoid taking your beach hunting L plates off.  

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