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Friday, June 23, 2017

Modify or multiply ?

Modding metal detectors is very popular now, adding inline search coil connectors, pinpoint switches, headphone connecters etc.
It gets a little tricky if you use a waterproof metal detector, unless you really know what you are doing.
I always avoided modding waterproof metal detectors, but now the actual connectors have improved I see no harm in experimenting with mods if your metal detector warrantee has expired.
Some of my favorite finds were recovered using Minelab Excalibur's with big mama jammer 
search coils like the Coiltek 15 inch WOT coil. 
Heres a few goldies I recovered during one hunt last year using an Excalibur with a 15 inch NEL search coil.

Check out all the lead fishing weights, lead and gold recovered from way down deep inside Davy Jones locker taking full of advantage of the big rig. 
In my opinion, it is good idea to sit back and weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of modding a metal detector before you jump in feet first, especially if you use a waterproof metal detector. 
If the work is something you cannot do, you need a competent person to do the work.
Are the parts and labor worth the end result, in other words are the mods going to make a difference.
Many people have metal detectors modded because they see other people with mods and think they are missing out on something. 
If you know what a modification to a metal detector is going to do and how it is going to make a difference, by all means go for it if that is what you want to do. 
Another alternative option to modding is buying a metal detector that closely resembles what you are modifying your existing metal detector into. 
This is what I usually lean towards, as I own several metal detectors thanks to gold I have scrapped and reinvested into equipment.
Why spend hundreds of dollars making your metal detector into something that can already be bought. 
Who am I kidding right, metal detectors have become really expensive and that is one of the main reasons for modifying metal detectors and why modding metal detectors has become so popular.
I talk a lot about using versatile equipment, so I have metal detectors that allow me to easily change search coils or headphones or switch between all metal and discrimination.
They also tend to be expensive, which brings us back to the chicken and the egg type conundrum. 
Better to modify or save money to buy another type of metal detector, what say you fellow treasure hunters? 

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