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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring break beach hunting, outside the box !

I always recover some of my best finds during spring break in the US, but my spring break beach hunting strategy may be a little unorthodox compared to other beach or water hunters.
When crowded spring break destination beaches are in the local news, you can be sure the majority of local beach and water hunters are circling the same beaches like sharks sensing blood in the water. 
Knowing where everyone with a metal detector for miles around is heading is a heck of an advantage during spring break, if you look at the big picture you know where not to search. 
I have a couple of sensible reasons for staying away from beaches full of spring breakers and the local metal detecting crowd.
College age jewelry and several times the usual metal detecting competition searching for that type of jewelry, often means your chances of recovering anything of value is diminished.
In my opinion, less valuable jewelry and more competition means spring break is nothing to get excited about. 
Not to mention the crowds of spring breakers you have to deal with on the beach and in the water. 
Dont get me wrong, good things will be lost but not enough to go around for my liking. 
That is why my spring break beach hunting plans are the same as my regular beach hunting plans, search for the jewelry lost by the people who pay for college tuitions and fund the partying during spring break.
Choices for metal detecting during spring break, are crowds of college kids and people swinging metal detectors, or less crowded beaches with the odd person metal detecting the area.
Chains, ear rings and toe rings, or expensive diamond engagement rings, watches and wedding bands.
College student jewelry or parents jewelry hunting, now that puts a whole new prospective on it for a beach or water hunter.
Dont let crowded beaches fool you,  less is often more when jewelry hunting at the beach.
Usually I make a point of not heading to the same place everyone else is metal detecting, during spring break is one of the only times I really don't have to think about it as I know exactly where everyone will be searching.
While they are baby sitting, I will be meeting the parents and hopefully finding stuff to get appraised.
Finds like this heavy 18K gold ring with quality ice, recovered during spring break.

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