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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bad signs for a beach or water hunter

Sometimes, no amount of hardcore pounding can change your fortune at sanded-in beaches.
When I return home early it is for a darn good reason, Im too experienced to just keep pounding away regardless.
Having a wife and kids, I have better things to do than waste my time knowing the chances of finding anything is slim to none and slim just left town.
Two of the worst signs for a beach or water hunter  on the lower beach, are deep footprints and lines of seaweed washed up on shore.
When you sink in the sand past your ankles on the lower beach, its time to hit the dry sand or hit the road.
Deep foot prints and lines of seaweed tell you the same thing, that sand has been moved onto the lower beach, lowering your chances of detecting deep targets and making it more difficult to detect fresh dropped jewelry or coins.
When the lower beach is sanded-in, there is a real good chance the water is also sanded in.
The more days this goes on, the more you are better off hitting the upper beach or going home, depending on the beach and season.
You could also try searching for areas sand has been moved from, but the majority of the time a beach that is sanded-in, is sanded in completely.
This has been one of the best starts to a beach hunting year for a long time, even though my local beaches are sanded-in and the water is not much better.
Instead of going home or just pounding away on sanded-in lower beaches, I have been searching the upper beach on the dry sand.
I go to the beach and see people with metal detector searching in the wet sand and water like never before, but I do not see many people without metal detectors  on the lower beach and in the water.
Being the type of person who is into people reading, I search where the people are using the beach,
I then do my thing which is finding their lost jewelry and coins.
Like good clues on any treasure map, these footprints and lines of seaweed tell me where not to search.

Unless you only search one area of the beach all the time, as you will probably ignore the obvious signs that may help you avoid wasting your beach treasure hunting time.
Which reminds me, why search where there are more people metal detecting than people?

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