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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Two simple solutions to sanded-in beaches

Many beach hunters get frustrated during sanded in beach conditions, but there are a couple of easy solutions to help combat potentially quiet beach hunting times. 
If you know your local beach is sanded in, don't bring a knife to a gun fight.
Slamming a big search coil on your VLF metal detector and going for ground coverage and target depth, may increase your odds of finding something good at sanded in beaches.
Going by the most popular metal detectors for beach hunting, the majority of beach hunters use 10-11 inch size search coils.
A much larger search coil will allow you to detect deeper targets and cover more of the lower beach, where the beach hunting phrase "Sanded in" normally refers to. 
This monster two ounce 14 K NCAA national championship ring was recovered on a sanded-in lower beach several years ago using a 15 inch Coiltek search coil. 

I'm not so sure I would have even detected the ring using a 10 inch search coil, this little piggy was very deep.
I often use large search coils when I know the lower beach is sanded in, the 15 inch Coiltek WOT coil is one of my favorites. 
The other option for a sanded in lower beach is very simple, search the upper beach.
This is probably not even an option for the majority of beach hunters, who think everything is lost in the water or wet sand.
This 18 K gold Bobby dazzler with 144 diamonds appraised at $5000.00 and came out of the dry sand, maybe it's not all in the water?  
The "Starship enterprise" ring story is in a couple of my beach and water hunting books. 

Here is another Bobby dazzler diamond ring worth several thousand dollars, that came out of the dry sand a couple of years ago using a large search coil. 

Both of these beauties were recovered during sanded in beach conditions, both times I had planned on searching the lower beach or inside the water but changed my mind. 
Groundhog type beach hunters who search the same places the same way are highly unlikely to be successful when beaches are sanded-in. 
My simple beach hunting solutions, are to either hit the lower beach trying to detect deeply buried targets or move away from the lower beach where you have more search options.
The two things you will never hear me complaining about, are sanded-in beaches and beach hunting competition.
In my opinion, both of these excuses for a lack of finds are very over rated. 

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