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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Experience and a positive attitude are a beach hunters best friends

Experience and having a positive attitude always trumps naysaying and negativity, especially when it comes to the hobby of metal detecting.
Unfortunately, the more experienced you are the more heat you often catch from less experienced people. 
As I am predominantly a beach and water hunter now, I rely on the countless hours I have spent pounding beaches through the years to keep me one step ahead of less experienced beach hunters.
A positive attitude also insures I am not distracted or concerned about who is finding what and where.
If I hear about a nice find recovered by another beach hunter, Im happy for them. 
I could not imagine doubting the find or fretting over where the lucky finder must have recovered it.
I often use other people's good fortune as motivation, as I believe what one beach hunter can do another beach hunter certainly can do.
This is the reason I include photos of cool finds in many of my blog posts, hopefully they are used by other beach hunters as motivation.
This truly is a great hobby and I always have an eye towards future hunts and possible recoveries. 
Now imagine if the naysayer  types put as much effort into actually going out with a positive attitude gaining experience at the beach, instead of hanging out on detecting forums swimming in that famous river in Africa  (Denial) 
Never under estimate the importance of experience and a positive beach hunting attitude.
They will get you from searching sites to recovering good finds faster than any piece of metal detecting equipment you can buy.
If you've been following my blog a while, you may have picked up on a word I often use when explaining how I was able to return home with whatever it is I was searching for.
The word I often use in blogs is "knew" as in I knew the beach hunting situation or knew where or how to search and find something. 
Knowing from experience is one of the perks of putting the time in at the beach, also positive beach hunters get positive results. 

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