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Friday, January 6, 2017

In at the deep end

I often think of topics for my beach and water hunting blogs while I am out beach or water hunting.
Yesterday I had the chance to hit the water for just over an hour at lunch time, working near the beach has its perks.
As I am searching an area with a large crowd of tourists gathered, I wondered what time the low tide is. 
Which is the point of today's blog, I never had a clue what time low tide is because I am not a slave to the low tide.
I go to the beach regardless of the tide times, which can often put a beach or water hunter in the right place at the right time. 
I had no idea if this area had been searched by other hunters recently, but I figured if it was they probably searched it at low tide. 
It was high tide and I was close to shore, which is where I spotted a large heavy mans watch a few feet away from me.
At first I thought the watch was a Rolex or other high end watch, but it turned out to be only a $300 price tag watch. 
The second thought after recovering the watch was would I have missed it if I was low tide watching?
Perhaps another water hunter missed it at the heavily hunted tourist beach because they only searched the deeper water at low tide.
Perhaps a low tide beach or water hunter has just searched along the waters edge, who knows why such a large attractive target was still there.  
It could also have likely been a fresh drop, no matter what the reason is I saw it and scooped it up.
If you do not just head to the beach at low tide, you often search areas that you probably would have ignored during the low tide.
Alternatively yesterday, if the water level had of been higher I may have been closer to shore and maybe missed eyeballing or detecting the watch and someone else would have found it.
Hey it all goes to show you should go to the beach when you get the chance, not when the tide table tells you to.
Here's a short video I took yesterday, after seeing the watch I turned the GoPro on.

Also I should point out that if the water visibility is good, you should always wear a mask.
I am two for two on eyeballing finds underwater on my last two water hunts, a $20 bill and a watch. 

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