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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


In these days of increased beach and water hunting competition, using versatile metal detecting equipment can be a big advantage. 
Surprisingly, you do not often hear or see the word versatility used in connection to beach or water hunting.
During a metal detecting lesson last weekend, I told my client not to worry about two beach hunters who showed up to search the same place we were searching. 
I believe I said, don't worry they are not competition because of the metal detectors they are using.
For good reason, as their single frequency VLF metal detectors would have ruled water hunting and searching the wet sand close to the water. 
It would have been really difficult to detect targets even after dumbing down the type of single frequency metal detector they had in the sand. 
I prefer to use multi frequency VLF metal detectors that can handle a variety of conditions and allow me to change search coils to a variety of different beach or water hunting situations. 
When you cannot search an area of the beach because of your metal detector or your search coil is not suited to search the area, you can be sure someone else can! 
Using versatile equipment also applies to beach hunting recovery tools, you could be using a scoop that is holding you back by increasing the amount of time you spend recovering targets.
It may also be wearing you down if the scoop is not very ergonomic. 
Choose a versatile scoop you can use on the beach or in the water, to compliment a versatile metal detector. 
The longer you spend beach or water hunting, the more you realize versatile metal detecting equipment will work for you, not against you. 
This is another example of a certain amount of beach hunting competition maybe not being real competition to you.
Just because you see a lot of people metal detecting at the beach, it does not mean you cannot find anything. 

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