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Saturday, September 10, 2016

How to detect gold chains at the beach

Gold chains are some of the most difficult to detect pieces of jewelry at the beach, especially if you use a multi frequency metal detector. 
Although you probably have a better chance, there are no guarantees you will be able to detect gold chains using a pulse induction or single frequency metal detector. 
I wish I had a dollar for every person who contacted me with stories of metal detectors not being able to detect gold chains, no matter what type of settings or search techniques they used. 
Gold chains are difficult to detect, but not impossible if you know your metal detector and know how you have to use it to detect gold chains.
All of these gold chains were recovered using Minelab multi frequency metal detectors, on the beach and in the water, notice they have no pendants or extra large lobster claw fasteners.

My search technique and ultra slow search coil sweep had a lot to do with detecting these gold chains, also being able to recognize the audio response from the gold chains.
Often at the beach, the most disappointing targets you recover are from loud headphone splitting signals. 
The best targets you recover are almost always from short crab fart responses, or faint barely audible signals.
Gold chains of all shapes and sizes without a pendant or a decent size clasp, are the type of signals that have you saying "No freaking way" when you see a gold chain in your scoop basket.
Forget about classic two way repeatable signals when jewelry hunting, try listening for and responding to unusual sounding targets.
I wonder how many beach and water hunters walk away from gold chains because they expect a clearer and stronger audio target response. 
Test a few of these type of gold chains at the beach, you will hear audio responses, just not the type of response you would expect.
The less discrimination you use, the better when searching for gold chains or rings at tourist beaches.
A perfect example of the type of audio response to expect from a gold chain without a pendant, is the same type of response from an open gold ear ring or broken gold ring. 
When you have a break in that gold circle, you get a totally different target response than you would if the ear ring was closed or the gold ring was complete.
Its fun when the slightest of low tone anomalies you stopped to investigate, turns out to be a gold chain in your scoop basket.

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