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Friday, July 8, 2016

Using the right tool for the job

Your choice of metal detector for beach or water hunting is very important, and hopefully you gave some thought towards what you are searching for.
I used to spend the majority of my metal detecting time searching for old silver treasure coins at the Spanish 1715 fleet shipwreck beaches along the Treasure Coast of Florida. 
I preferred to use a metal detector I knew was hot at detecting silver and capable of detecting small silver half and one reales like the treasure coins in this photo.


Due to work and family commitments , I now spend the majority of my metal detecting time searching for modern gold jewelry at tourist beaches closer to home.
As you would expect, my choice of metal detector changed to one better suited to detecting small gold instead silver. 
Many beach and water hunters do not realize how important it is to use a metal detector that is designed or better suited to detect what they are searching for.
Some metal detectors are hot at detecting silver, others are better at detecting gold, due to a variety of different reasons including operating frequencies. 
In my opinion, the number one mistake people new to the hobby make is buying and using a metal detector everyone else is using, instead of researching and finding out what type of metal detector is best suited to detect the main thing they are searching for.
The Minelab Sovereign series was always my go to silver coin machine, it was and still is a very good metal detector for a silver coin hunter. 
The Minelab CTX 3030 is now my first choice when searching for modern platinum, gold or silver jewelry, although I still own and enjoy using the Excalibur which is basically a waterproof Sovereign. 
Because of all the platinum and gold jewelry I have found at the beach I could use any metal detector I want, but I still would rather use metal detectors I know are the best at detecting what I am searching for.
If you are struggling to detect silver coins or gold jewelry at the beach, maybe you should look into using a metal detector better suited to detecting what you are searching for.

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