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Monday, July 25, 2016

Detecting the edges

Yesterday I scored a nice diamond and pearl bracelet, doing something I often do at my local beaches, going the extra yards and searching a little further than the competition.
I know many of my local beaches are moderately to heavily hunted, but I also know the usual turn around points used by local beach and water hunters.
It could be a line of sun beds rented out, two book end beach parking lots, or even two beach entrances or lifeguard towers.
You can be sure people who search the beach with a metal detector on a regular basis, like to use the same turn around points on a regular basis.
As if people magically do not lose jewelry or coins a few yards past a likely turn around point.
The 18K gold, diamond and pearl bling in this photo was found 20 yards past a turn around point I know many other beach and water hunters use. 

I often "Edge hunt" searching a few yards past obvious beach or water hunting turn around points, and I have found everything from 300 year old Spanish silver treasure coins to 10K high school class rings.
Even at heavily hunted beaches, you can search areas that contain jewelry and coins if you know how the competition thinks.
Not everyone who uses the beach stays within marked boundaries, and I know many beaches where the main entrances used to be somewhere different.
Detect on the edges to see what others are missing. 

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