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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

You never know unless you go

I love the title of this blog, it reminds me exactly what I was thinking back in 2005 when I took the long drive up to the Treasure Coast of Florida in search of Spanish treasure.
Boy did I find it that morning, the 1694 silver reale I put in my finds pouch 20 minutes earlier was just an after thought when I picked this beautiful Spanish gold treasure ring out of a hole I had just dug on the beach.

The "Precious" is 22.5 carat inca gold with 9 flawless Colombian emeralds, who's your daddy!
I know many beach hunters get depressed during lean beach hunting times, but some of my  best finds were recovered when I least expected to find anything at all.
This keeps me grounded, knowing that it does not matter what time you get to the beach to search, what metal detector you choose to use, you never know unless you go.
My favorite finds stories are the totally unexpected ones, and the first thoughts that always cross my mind are wow what are the odds of that and imagine if they never went out that day.
In my opinion, you only need one reason to go beach hunting and that is just in case you find something.
High tide, sanded in conditions, heat, cold, competition, difficulty parking, there are plenty of reasons not to go to the beach, but one really good reason to go try your luck.

To this day I avoid tide tables and second hand beach reports, I go beach hunting whenever I get the opportunity and regardless of the beach conditions.
You never know unless you go, also applies to trying new search areas which can often lead to more finds if you search beaches or areas at the beach less frequently searched by other beach hunters.
To me, finding the unexpected is what is so fascinating about beach and water hunting.
Even a lowly crusty copper penny is a good sign when you have a positive outlook and decide to go beach hunting. 
You never know what you will find next, unless of course you wait for so called better conditions or more favorable tides. 

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