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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Prepare for good beach hunting times

I got asked a good question over the weekend, it was what do you do when your favorite beaches are sanded in. My favorite beaches are the sites I recover older coins, jewelry or artifacts at, especially shipwreck related material.
The answer to my friends question was simple, I prepare, watch and wait for when those beaches are not sanded in.
From experience I have found preparation is one of the most important keys to recovering old coins and artifacts at the beach. 
If you recover old finds at a beach, there is a really good chance you can recover more of the same type of finds at the same location in the future when the beaches are open.
My beach hunting prep includes research, making sure I know what combination of wind and waves is required in order for me to have a chance of recovering more old finds. 
I never rely on other peoples beach reports or just show up at a beach and hope I stumble across good beach conditions. 
Being one step ahead and staying one step ahead of the beach hunting competition are the rewards of being prepared. 
There is a very good reason I often appear to be in the right place at the right time, I work on it!  
The window of opportunity to recover old coins and artifacts during good beach hunting conditions is is often the same as it is to recover modern jewelry and coins, far too short!
The question I was asked over the weekend and this photo remind me why I love beach hunting, watching, waiting and finding cool old finds. 

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