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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Edge hunting

After posting more gold finds yesterday, several people asked me how I got so many pieces of gold from one area of a tourist beach.
The answer is "Edge hunting" or searching areas that are often overlooked by other beach hunters.
I often refer to box hunters in my beach and water hunting books, people who search the same sites the same way all the time.
Edge hunting is going beyond where the majority of beach or water hunters search, especially just past obvious turn around points. 
Fishing piers, lifeguard stands and beach entrances are all markers used by local beach or water hunters as turn around points. 
Detecting forums are full of posts by box hunters who did their usual search down to the pier and back but did not find anything good. 
My Facebook posts are full of gold found by going the extra yards past points I probably know are used as markers by other beach or water hunters. 
Yesterdays gold rings are a perfect example of edge hunting, at a tourist beach I know is heavily hunted but usually only between two points. 
Not all jewelry is lost between two life guard huts, fishing piers, parking lots or beach entrances. 
The edges and beyond around these type of beach markers can hold pretty good finds if you willing to go the extra yards. 
Sometimes it is very surprising how much jewelry and coins you can find at beaches with obvious places to use a metal detector. 
Not in those obvious places, but in the obvious over looked areas.
These gold and diamond bobby dazzlers were found a few yards past areas that see a lot of people metal detecting. 

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