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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Jewelry hunting question

Neil from England asks why I still find so much gold jewelry as I often state the beaches are heavily hunted in Florida.  
Good question and I have a fairly simple answer, because I choose my sites wisely, avoid digging unwanted targets and work hard. 
When I go to the beach in search of modern jewelry, I rely on site reading and metal detecting skills and I use the right tools for the job. 
A good site, discriminating metal detector and a big ass scoop!  I want to spend my time searching for high value targets where I assume they can be detected and I want to retrieve those high value targets in a timely manner. 
During a beach and water hunting lesson this weekend I told the client the three things I consider to be the keys to being a consistent jewelry finder.
Site selection, search technique and equipment choices, and I class them in that same order. 
Notice how I do not depend entirely on my metal detector, because in my opinion you have to know where to find jewelry and how to detect it first. 
I stopped calling other people using metal detectors at the beach competition a long time ago. 
The only real competition for jewelry at the beach you should ever have is yourself.
I never worry about what other people are finding jewelry or where they are finding jewelry.
Those type of things make no real difference on my search for jewelry at the beach.
Site selection, treasure hunting techniques and a metal detector you really like using will always help you to find what you are searching for at the beach.
Take my word for it, jewelry found on heavily hunted beaches always seems to sparkle more on the way home.

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