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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Most surprising place to find gold jewelry at the beach

Great question from Paul in Nevada, who asks what area of the beach are you surprised to find gold jewelry at. 
I have found several ridiculously expensive pieces of gold jewelry in some crazy places at the beach. 
This is one of the reasons why I never under estimate any area at the beach, as you can potentially find gold jewelry anywhere at the beach. 
Within the first few feet of the beach entrance is probably one of the most surprisingly productive areas of the beach, but for good reason when you think about it.
Every day on beaches all around the world, people do a variety of things close to beach entrances causing jewelry to be lost. 
For example, putting their hands in their pockets, either putting keys, wallets or phones away or pulling them out. 
Shuffling or rearranging stuff they are  carrying on or off the beach, picking up kids etc
All these type of things around a beach entrance, lead to people losing jewelry just as they enter or leave the beach. 
I have heard too many stories of expensive diamond rings being found within the first few feet of beach entrances to overlook these areas. 
Many beach or water hunters do not give the beach entrance a second thought, as they head to the lower beach two hours before low tide. 
In my opinion, much of beach hunting is knowing where to search with your metal detector. It does not get any better than knowing the place where people pull their pockets inside out, struggle with heavy stuff, or remove items of clothing.  

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