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Monday, February 1, 2016

Checking out the competition

Perry in  California asks how I deal with competition at the beach. 
This is an easy question, I have no competition.
In my opinion, the only real competition a beach or water hunter should  have is themselves. 
Other people using metal detectors rarely effect the outcome of your beach or water hunt, no matter how much so called competition you have. You are still only going to get what you find. I never worry about what other people are finding or where other people are finding stuff.
I am too busy doing my own thing and concentrating on trying to go home with something good. Sometimes I go home with gold, other times I go home with platinum lol 
Seriously, the only thing that makes a difference on heavily hunted beaches, are your site reading skills and metal detecting technique. 
Leave all the competitive stuff to the people who care about it, beach and water treasure hunting is all about checking out your finds, not other people metal detecting. 
The more experienced at beach and water hunting you become, the more you realize there is no such thing as competition. 

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