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Thursday, August 20, 2015

An often overlooked accessory for beach and water hunting

I may have not spent a lot of time at the beach recently, but that has not stopped me from getting ready for bigger and better things. 
I use previous finds like these as motivation to keep on keeping on.  Although I have not been able to hit the beach recently, my down time has been spent researching new sites and getting ready to hit them hard.

No sanded in beach reports, or lack of success by full time beach or water hunters would ever put me off going metal detecting. 
The unexpected or great unknown helps to keep me motivated, the news is always full of great treasure hunting surprises, from shipwreck finds to roman hoards. 
One of the things I really like about metal detecting is the fact that you often get rewarded for hard work, the more thought and effort you put into the hobby the more you get rewarded.
Notice how I put thought instead of time in the previous comment, anyone can put the time in.
On heavily hunted tourist beaches, the majority of beach and water hunters are now using the same type of equipment. 
What can set a beach or water apart from the competition is something that cannot be bought at your local metal detector store. 
In my opinion, the most important accessory you take to the beach is your brain.
Relying too heavily on your metal detecting equipment will hold you back, your metal detector should be just that, a metal detector.   
The more you use your brain, the closer you get to putting your hands on what you are searching for.
Think of ways to set your self apart, not to be like everyone else, not to search like the detecting crowd.
The four pieces of jewelry in the photo were recovered by me instead of the competition because I do not conform to any strict beach or water hunting plan. 
If I did I probably would never have found any of the bling in the photo ,  one was a high tide water hunting find, an ankle deep water find, and two remote beach finds. 
I went water hunting at high tide, detecting in ankle deep water and searching beaches that do not have places to park. 
All the things you are not supposed to do, according to the majority of people using a metal detector at the beach.  I always keep my eye on the prize, but I am not bothered where or how I recover it as long as I find it.
Being able to change on the fly is important at the beach, use your "Noggin" by using tactics to suit the conditions at the beach.  If you do the same things over and over again, you will get the same results. 
If you try different things you put yourself in position to enjoy the unexpected and in beach and water hunting that is always a good thing. 
Treasure is often found in unexpected places, by people who rely their treasure hunting instincts more than their treasure hunting equipment. 

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