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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Moving and shaking

I have recovered more than my fair share of really nice finds at the beach, from Spanish treasure to design name jewelry. 
This time last year I was picking this Tiffany & Co platinum ring with a 1.5 carat rock out of my scoop basket. 

I was very surprised to see this sparkly beauty glistening in the sun, it was probably the last place I would expect to find such an expensive diamond ring. 
That is the beauty of beach and water hunting, you never know what you will see in your scoop. 
If you search a lot of different beaches, you will recover a wide variety of jewelry and coins. 
Recently I have been scouting new locations to go beach and water hunting, and I have several very interesting places to search when I have the time. 
I have no idea what I am going to find, but that makes me want to search these new sites even more. 
The last three times I have gone metal detecting I have recovered gold at new sites, places I have never searched before. 
I have no doubt, adding these and other new sites to my list will lead to many more nice surprises in my scoop basket. 
In my opinion, the more you move around the more you will be shaking your scoop basket looking for gold inside. 
The more targets you dig at the beach, the more chances you have of recovering a really good find. 
Yesterday I hit a beach that obviously had not seen a metal detector recently, but a mile down the road I saw 5 guys water hunting and two people wet sanding at the same site. 
The weekend is the perfect time to reevaluate your beach hunting strategy. 
Do you want to fight the detecting crowd looking for scraps with few signals at the main beach, or take a chance on another beach with probably more targets to scoop. 
I base my beach and water hunting plans on searching a site with lots of targets, not lots of different people metal detecting. 

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