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Monday, June 15, 2015

Searching very trashy beach sites

Many tourist beaches have a high amount of trash targets littering the sand, from corroding bottle caps to fish hooks and can slaw.
You are often trying to find treasure amongst trash on tourist beaches and it is not that much cleaner inside the water close to shore.
The best way to tackle a trashy beach site is to use something that most beach and water hunters rarely use, a small search coil.
Large search coils are all the rage now, especially for people looking to get a waterproof metal detector modified after the warrantee has expired.
In my opinion, a small search coil is a wiser investment and can be used in more beach and water hunting situations.
A typical entrance area at a tourist beach, can often be a sea of threshold nulls using standard size 9 to 11-inch search coils.
Put a small search coil on your metal detector and you will hear targets that larger search coils cannot even detect.
For years I have relied on the fact that most beach and water hunters use large search coils at tourist beaches.
I remember several years ago pulling into a beachside parking lot ready to search an eroded stretch of beach, but three other guys using 10 inch coils on their metal detectors had beaten me to the spot.
Watching them from the parking lot I could see that even though they were moving around the area slowly they were not stopping to dig many targets.
I figured the notoriously trashy local area was playing havoc with their metal detectors, and they were probably having a tough time locking onto real targets.
After they moved away from the area, I searched the same site using a much smaller search coil and was constantly detecting and scooping targets.
I recovered a bucket list find at that site, thanks to the target separation capabilities of the small search coil I was using.
Small search coils, slow sweep speeds and a little discrimination are how you tackle trashy beach sites.
I class pennies as trash targets at tourist beaches, large numbers of pennies can just as easily hide gold jewelry.
If you hunt for gold by target tones, a small search coil gives you a chance of hearing the gold audio tone. 
At trashy beach sites, try going small to find big. 

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