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Friday, May 22, 2015

Three day weekend beach and water hunting tips

Memorial day weekend in Florida usually means packed beaches and a lot of people having the misfortune of losing jewelry at the beach.
No doubt, tomorrow many beach and water hunters will be grabbing their metal detectors with the hope of finding some of that lost jewelry. 
I intend to do get out there myself and see if I can recover some of that lost booty, but I will not racing out the door first thing in the morning. 
That is a perfect lead into my first three day weekend metal detecting tip,  wait for the three day weekend to get started before you go detecting. 
You have more chance of finding something good if you have the patience to wait until Sunday or Monday to hit the beach. 
Second tip, leave your pulse induction metal detector at home and use a little discrimination. 
You are looking for fresh dropped jewelry, not deep targets so discrimination is more important than depth. 
Third tip, leave the heavily hunted places alone, you know where the competition is probably going to be because you see them there every week. 
The fewer people using metal detectors in an area, the more your chances of recovering jewelry increase. 
This was my haul from one water hunt and one dry sand hunt three years ago on a busy three day memorial day weekend in south Florida using my CTX3030. 

I had company at the first tourist beach I visited, so I ignored the obvious mid and high tone coin signals and just dug the low tones. 
Three pieces of gold roundness ended up in my finds pouch before I left for another beach. 
The sweet gold rope chain and locket came off the second beach, just above the high tide line at one of favorite out of the way beach sites. 
I usually hit the dry and wet sand on the lower beach, before getting in the water. 
Now hands up how many people are only going to hit one of those three areas at the beach this weekend? 
Fourth tip, do not sell your jewelry hunting chances short this three day weekend, by only searching one area at the beach. 
I have found far too many nice pieces of jewelry to be a one dimensional jewelry hunter. 
Check out my finds page on my website, jewelry can be lost and found anywhere at the beach.

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