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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Letting the waves do the hard work

I was too busy to go out metal detecting over the memorial day weekend, so I got a jump start on the upcoming weekend. 
Two hours high tide hunting late this afternoon with my CTX 3030, on a busy tourist beach without another person metal detecting in sight. 
That is often the story on south Florida beaches when it is high tide, but my take is you have just as much chance of finding jewelry at high tide than you have two hours before low tide. 
I figured after a busy three day weekend and a few days of rough surf, I would let the waves do the hard part of dumping lost jewelry back on the beach for me to find. 
From past experiences with busy weekends and rough surf, I have found the best times to search on the beach are after a few days have passed because that is when the big "Sandy conveyor belt" starts to kick in. 
This often happens after a beach has suffered major beach erosion, the beach may be quiet until the next high tide moves jewelry and coins ashore. 
My first good find this afternoon was an 18K white gold ladies ring with 14 diamonds and a nice emerald. 

A piece of 18K yellow gold followed not long after, both pieces of gold jewelry were trapped in the wet sand between a rocky outcrop on the beach and the water. 
Rocky areas on beaches act as natural catch areas for jewelry and coins, this area happened to be away from the main heavily hunted area that is more popular with a younger crowd. 
A few years ago at high tide I found a beautiful 18K gold chain with a diamond cross,  high end stuff compared to the 10K & 14K jewelry that you are more likely to recover along the main detecting drag.
If you are a beach hunter reading this blog, come over to the dark side and go detecting at high tide. 
You may not think your beaches are so heavily hunted when you hardly see another person metal detecting at high tide. 
You also stand a good chance of returning home with gold,  if you search away from the main detected areas of the beach. 

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