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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The gold layer

When I am beach or water hunting in Florida, it may surprise you to know the number one metal I get excited about is lead. 
A few lead targets out of the same general area, may indicate you are detecting in what I like to refer to as the gold layer. 
If you start to pull up lead targets on the beach or in the water, there is a good chance sand has been removed from that area exposing targets that were previously out of metal detection range. 
On my last few weekends hunts I have found gold at several different beaches, but I also found a lot of old lead fishing sinkers.  
When you have to dig deep to recover lead fishing weights on the lower beach and in the water,  don't be surprised to see gold in your scoop. 
If you are a relic hunter, lead musket balls are a sign of good things to come from an old site. 
The lead musket balls in this photo came from a beach with an 1830s Seminole indian wars camp nearby. 

True to form, they were appetizers for the main course which turned out to be Seminole indian war gold. 
Beach or water hunting, you often only have a short window of opportunity to mine the gold layer. 
You have to understand the correlation between deep lead and deep gold, and be ready to take advantage of it. 
Not one of the gold layers I ran across at the sites I hunted the previous few weekends was within reach the following weekend so I moved on to similar beaches along the coastline.
I knew from experience finding productive spots on the beach and in the water further along the coast was possible. 
There is a heck of a lot more to being a consistent jewelry finder than just going to the same beach and pounding it every time. 
I never mention target reading skill's very often in my beach and water hunting books, but I will in my new book. 
The next time you stop to dig a deep target and see a lead fishing sinker in the bottom of your scoop, hope you find another one in the same area as you may have found the gold layer. 

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