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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Looking for weekend fresh jewelry drops

Here in south Florida there are many tourist beaches to take your metal detector to,  especially if you are searching for fresh drops from the weekend. 
I could have gone metal detecting yesterday, but instead I chose to work and wait until the weekend is nearly over to increase my chances of recovering fresh dropped jewelry. 
I will let you know how my first jewelry hunt of 2015 turns out later today, hopefully I will see some gold in my scoop. 
As I mentioned in my previous blog, keeping a tight search pattern can be rewarding, assuming you use some kind of search pattern when jewelry hunting. 
Many beach and water hunters make the mistake of hitting the beaches early Saturday morning, before the weekend crowd has a chance to lose jewelry. 
Late Sunday evening and early Monday morning searches have always been more golden to me, especially on heavily hunted beaches. 
The competition on heavily hunted tourist beaches get thinned out during these times, as fewer people will go metal detecting late the night before work, or early before work on a Monday.
Searching after the weekend for fresh dropped jewelry is where your ground coverage skills really come into play. 
You can recover jewelry missed by other jewelry hunters in the area, by not making basic ground coverage mistakes. 
Avoid metal detecting in one straight line along the lower beach, or wandering around aimlessly up in the dry sand. 
Pick the most promising site and pound the heck out of it,  by using a search pattern and methodically covering the area. 
Search patterns actually increase your chances of finding jewelry, leave as little to chance as possible. 
As I have explained in my "Hardcore Beach Hunting" and "How to Read the Beach & Water" books,  jewelry is not lost in the same place along the same line every time on the beach or in the water. 
Although you would think it is, by the amount of people who search along the same line every time they go to the beach to metal detect. 
These fresh drops were recovered in the water last year using my CTX 3030, they were found in a section of water at a tourist beach I gridded out to give me the best chance of finding gold on a Sunday afternoon. 

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