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Monday, December 1, 2014

Think small, find big!

I try to set up and tune my metal detectors towards finding small pieces of gold jewelry. 
If you click on the link to my website, you will see plenty of photographs of ladies rings with precious stones. 
Over the years spent beach and water hunting, I am happy to say my jewelry finds have got smaller and more expensive. 
If you are finding a lot of thin ladies rings, you are probably using sound beach and water hunting techniques and have a metal detector you really like using. 
Thin ladies rings with precious stones are harder to find with a metal detector, than large gold wedding bands and class rings. 
A beach or water hunter who can find small pieces of gold jewelry, will have no problem finding large chunks of gold jewelry. 
Here is a photo of some chunks of jewelry, recovered while searching with a small gold jewelry mentality. 

When I am invited to speak at metal detecting events,  I often wear my Rolex Submariner, 18K gold chain with diamond mariners cross and antique 18K gold jade & diamond ring. 
You cannot beat wearing a few trophy beach and water hunting finds, to get the point across about learning how to read the beach and using good metal detecting techniques. 
Having the skills to recover small pieces of gold jewelry, like thin diamond rings, will lead to big gold jewelry finds. 
Finding small gold is important for a jewelry hunter,  it will help you to recover a large variety of jewelry. 
Not just gold wedding bands, or class rings, which many beach and water hunters have no problem finding, using a wide range of metal detectors.  
Finding a quarter or half ounce of gold is a nice pay day worth hundreds of dollars,  finding a thin ladies ring with a nice diamond can be a pay day worth thousands of dollars. 
Think small gold, find big gold, get the best of both pay days. 

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