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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stop and find gold jewelry on tourist beaches

Earlier in the year, on easter sunday to be exact, I ran across a familiar tourist beach water hunting situation.  
Another chunk of gold jewelry with diamonds recovered because I read the signs, maybe a sign from the big fellow on easter sunday of all days lol! 

I could have easily missed the gold ring if I was a walker, instead of a gold stalker. 
I am not interested in walking long distances when beach or shallow water hunting, I would rather stop and pound an area for gold jewelry when I run across a good sign that gold may be hiding not far away.  
More than a single piece of silver or junk jewelry is a good sign, and a reason for any beach or shallow water hunter to stay in place until they find gold. 
I never go to a tourist beach to cover as much ground as possible, I go to pound potentially good area on the beach until I discover where gold jewelry is hidden. 
Gold jewelry can often be found in an area containing silver and junk jewelry, when you find more than one piece of junk jewelry you have a reason to stop and pound the heck out of an area like I do. 
If you follow this blog or my Facebook page, you will see a lot of silver and junk jewelry mentioned in my posts, but I rarely post photos of silver or junk jewelry. 
One of the reasons why I do not post junk jewelry is because I search on heavily hunted beaches.  
I do not want to give the area I found gold away, by posting anything the competition has thrown back down.
If you are lucky enough to run across an area with a lot of silver and junk jewelry, gold jewelry can be recovered if you stop and pound the area. 

From experience, I can tell you that it is better to stop and search an area with junk jewelry, than move along the beach hoping to find gold first. 
If a high number of silver and junk jewelry was lost in the area, so was gold jewelry, you just have to stay in place until you find it. 
Less walking and more scooping is always the best gold jewelry hunting strategy on tourist beaches. 

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