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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A high tide beach hunt

Sunday night I had a productive jewelry hunt,  waiting until the very end of the weekend to search for lost jewelry. 
I was rewarded for my patience with a 14K gold chain with 18K 1/2 carat diamond pendant and 14K gold ring.

I missed the high tide by about an hour, but still had the beach all to myself as other beach hunters in my area rarely show up to metal detect at high tide.
When you detect a high tide line,  depth or coil size is not that important, but sensitivity to small gold is. 
This is exactly why I took my Minelab SDC 2300 along, a metal detector that is sensitive to small gold. 
You often hear people saying "its all in the water", but the high tide line is an excellent place to find gold chains.
I know from experience that you have more chance of recovering a gold chain on the beach, than inside the water. 
If you are really lucky, on tourist beaches you may see a gold chain washed up along the high tide line. 
This has happened to me on at least six different occasions, following the high tide line and spotting a gold chain washed up or tangled in seaweed. 
During "Sanded in" conditions on tourist beaches, I like to plod along the high tide line very slowly using an all metals search mode.
I investigate all metal targets, to insure I do not miss anything of value being masked by bottle caps. 
It is really easy to skip digging bottle caps when you use a discriminating VLF metal detector, but bottle caps have a similar target signature as gold chains. 
A small broken tone from a gold chain can resemble a corroding bottle cap. 
Seaweed washed up along the high tide line, often puts people off searching a high tide line with seaweed, as not all metal detectors can deal with saturated seaweed. 
A false signal on every sweep over seaweed is no fun, and another reason why I use Minelab metal detectors for beach hunting. 
I guess todays blog shows you can find gold jewelry when you are not restricted to just metal detecting at low tide. 
The more unconventional a beach and water you are, the more jewelry you will find. 
Many long standing beach hunting principles are outdated, its time to think outside the beach hunting box!

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