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Monday, October 27, 2014

Putting your search coil over gold

Yesterday morning I went to a popular tourist beach to search for gold jewelry, surprisingly I had the beach to myself. 
I never saw one other person metal detecting on this busy south Florida beach,  and then it dawned on me why I had not seen other people metal detecting.  
It was approaching high tide, maybe if I had waited around until two hours before low tide I would have seen other people metal detecting on Sunday. 
It still amazes me how much gold jewelry I still recover on heavily hunted beaches, I guess I am lucky the local beach and water hunters do not read this blog lol! 
The beach I visited for three hours early on Sunday morning, usually has more water hunters than beach hunters. 
Even though it is a busy beach, most people metal detecting are either water hunting with the navy seal look in deep water, or beach hunting by walking a straight line in the wet sand and running to the next beach to walk in another straight line. 
The water was sanded in, but I have always found plenty of gold in the wet and dry sand, so that is where I began my search for more gold. 
This is one of the good things about being a versatile beach hunter, not being a one trick pony blindly searching the same way every time. 
I decided to search the place on this beach that other beach and water hunters walk away from, the busy beach entrance. 
It was very early in the morning, the perfect time to search the beach entrance without getting bombarded with "What are you looking for?" questions.  
The 14K wedding band was recovered close to the water, trying to beat the full high tide to the area. 
The 10K ring with small diamond chips was recovered along the high tide line, the 18K band was recovered mid beach up in the dry sand. 
Three gold rings from three different areas of the beach,  no silver jewelry and not a lot of junk, but stacks of clad coins. 

It was great to be out with a metal detector in my hand for the first time this month, and still good to see the glint of gold as the Florida sun rises. 
If you want to put your search coil over gold,  check out your local beach and water hunting competition, you may be surprised just how little of the beach they really cover. 
Avoid being a slave to the low tide, avoid only searching one area of the beach, becoming a versatile beach hunter is the key to putting your search coil over gold. 


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