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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Traveling to detect

One of the things I look for in a metal detector is versatility, does it break down easily and can it be used in a variety of beach and water hunting situations. 
My Sovereign and Excalibur were good traveling detectors, and I took them with me on many trips to England. 
The CTX 3030 is an excellent metal detector to take on detecting trips, and the SDC 2300 is crazy compact,  like the swiss army knife of metal detectors.  
Here is a photo of my CTX 3030, an aluminum travel scoop, a towel, snorkel, mask and my Union Jack Speedos in a back pack on a beach in the Dutch West Indies. 

I walked off the cruise ship with everything I needed to go beach and water hunting in a back pack. 
On my next vacation I can travel even lighter, if I decide to take my SDC 2300. 
Another advantage to versatile and compact metal detectors, is security if you want to take two different metal detectors to the beach. 
You can break your metal detector down and hide it in a vehicle much better,  you can hide a SDC 2300 under your front seat! 
I often take two metal detectors to the beach, my metal detectors are easy to cover and keep in a shaded part of the vehicle. 
A metal detector mounted on a long straight shaft is more difficult to cover and hide from sight.
Metal detectors have increased in price, and obviously more expensive to replace if you get your vehicle broken into.
I do not always have to take two metal detectors to local beaches, sometimes I just take a couple of different size search coils. 
My CTX 3030 is also good for traveling to detect, because I can swap search coils within minutes.
A spare search coil can be carried with you in a back pack, this is great for people who detect long distances from where they park their vehicle at the beach. 
I sometimes carry a spare CTX 3030 mounted on a lower rod in my back pack like an arrow in an archers quiver. 
The more mobile you can be with your metal detector, the more places you can get to search, the more jewelry and coins you have a chance of recovering.
Versatile treasure hunting equipment allows you to maximize your treasure hunting time, and be ready for any expected changes to your treasure hunting plans.

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