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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Celebrations on the beach lead to good finds

On December 31st 2010 I was raising a glass of champagne with my lovely wife, on Jan 1st 2011 at 4am I was on the beach with my metal detector!  
By 5am I was picking this 18K gold beauty with 4 sapphires out of my scoop,  opposite a posh beachside hotel after a big new years eve party had taken place on the beach.

Nothing like a quick start to the new treasure hunting year lol!
A couple of hours later the beach was swarming with other people swinging metal detectors hoping to find gold, but I like to think the early bird got the golden worm.
This is the second nice gold bracelet I have found at this site, and both gold bracelets were found after celebrations had taken place at the beach the evening before.
Wether it is a new years eve, the 4th of July, or any other celebration that draws crowds to the beach, you need to grab your metal detector and go find some goodies. 
The earlier you arrive at the beach after the celebration has ended, the more chance you have of finding something special before the competition arrives. 
If the water is too rough to search, make sure you search the beach on the following high tides, yes that is not a spelling mistake, the following high tides. 
Jewelry and coins wash up onto the beach during the following high tides, sometimes several days after. 
Jewelry and coins do not wait around in the lower wet sand waiting for you to show up two hours before low tide. 
Do not miss the treasure boat by showing up a couple of hours before low tide,  other beach and water hunter's not watching the clock will have already beaten you to the punch.
When crowds are at the beach celebrating, try to hit the beaches that are more likely to be littered with champagne and wine bottles, instead of beer bottles. 
Although beaches in upscale areas see fewer crowds, they are far more likely to hold more expensive finds like the bracelet in the photo.
I have the local TV station to thank for giving me the incentive to go treasure hunting, showing people crowded on the beach drinking champagne, ready to light fireworks at midnight. 
Champagne, ocean and expensive jewelry, what could possible go wrong? 

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