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Thursday, June 26, 2014

More on small targets on the beach.

These small metal detecting finds demonstrate the patience needed to locate and recover small targets on the beach.  

I remember being happy, and maybe a little frustrated to see these small targets coming off a beach with a little history. 
It is a beach used during the times of the Florida Seminole indian wars back in the early 1830s. 
I was excited to recover these small tacks and rivets, that probably had something to do with uniforms or boots.
All the finds in the photo were recovered using my Minelab CTX 3030 with the 6-inch search coil. 
I am quite sure other people had metal detected the eroded stretch of beach before, and only my small search coil and slow style of beach hunting allowed me to recover such small finds. 
I had recovered an 1836 gold coin in the area a few weeks earlier, which was the main reason I was trying my luck again at the same beach. 
If you do not think you would have been able to recover these small targets, it is time to experiment with test targets at the beach. 
When metal detecting times are slow, try testing a few tiny targets at the beach and put the tiny test targets in small plastic baggies so you do not lose them. 
Try different sensitivity or discrimination settings and see if you can still detect the test targets. 
It is surprising how many beach or water hunters never bother to test targets, you have to see what your metal detector is capable of finding on the beach.
If your metal detector is not able to detect the targets you are searching for, maybe it is time to try a different size search coil or even a new metal detector.
I like trying new metal detectors and search coils, just in case there is something new that is better than the equipment I use. 
Being a Spanish treasure hunter and modern jewelry hunter, I like to make sure I am using metal detectors and search coils that are hot on small gold and silver. 
Recovering small targets on the beach and in the water, gives me the peace of mind to know larger targets are easier to find.
Dont sweat the big stuff, concentrate on the small stuff and the big stuff will find its way into your scoop basket.

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