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Monday, June 30, 2014

Big gold ring return

Every once in a while when beach or shallow water hunting, you get to make a complete stranger very happy by reuniting them with a piece of lost jewelry. 
My recent blogs have been about small gold, but as you can see by taking a look on the "Finds pages" of my websites, I find plenty of big gold.
I found this 1.2 ounce 18K gold ring with a nice center diamond earlier in the year, I tracked down the poor guy who lost the ring and made his vacation in south Florida have a happier ending. 

I received a handsome reward for returning the gold ring,  more money than I would have received if I had chosen to scrap the ring. 
The person I returned the ring too, wishes to remain anonymous and I will respect his wishes. 
As you would expect, this big gold ring made a loud clanking in my scoop when I first recovered it.
It is always great to see a large chunk of gold in your scoop basket, and as I have written in my recent blogs, big gold is easy to find when you have no problem finding small gold. 
My return count for 2014 stands at two gold college rings, three wedding bands, two iphones and a heck of a nice solitaire diamond ladies ring. 
I look at these "Returns" as payback for the all the really nice pieces of jewelry I find that are not possible to return. 
Florida is a top tourist destination, people come from all over the world and leave some amazing pieces of jewelry on the beach and in the water.
I did not have many good experiences in the past when returning stuff to people, but some of my recent experiences of returning lost jewelry to grateful people have more than made up for past returns. 
It can be very rewarding being a beach and water gold prospector, but sometimes it is just as rewarding putting a smile on a strangers face. 

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