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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Searching with the competition on cut beaches.

Many beach and shallow water hunters get frustrated when they arrive at the beach to metal detect and see other people already metal detecting in the area.
No doubt many people just turn around and go to another beach, but if you know the beach is cut (eroded) and a good place to find gold, it is best to stay and take your chances with the competition.
A couple of years ago I found myself facing a similar situation, after arriving at a beach with a 7 foot cut towards the back of the beach.
I arrived in the middle of the afternoon at the tourist beach, which had at least twelve other people metal detecting along the eroded section of beach.
A few of the competition I recognized from their mugshots posted on internet detecting forums, I quickly came up with a plan of action,  put my head down and got stuck in metal detecting. 
I figured my best chance of finding gold with so many other hunters already searching the beach, was to take advantage of my metal detectors discrimination capabilities.
Using my Minelab CTX 3030 audio and visual target IDs,  I concentrated on the targets that had a high probability of being gold. 
Of course, I could not avoid having to scoop up aluminum foil, pull tabs, nickel and lead targets in the area, but I was able to avoid wasting time scooping targets I consider to be trash targets on a cut tourist beach.
When a tourist beach is cut,  I only go for the gold and leave the obvious identifiable clad coins behind for the competition. 
I am sure I left a few pieces of silver jewelry behind, but on this particular beach the chances of finding old silver coins was slim and my plan was to go for the gold.  
Word of a cut beach spreads fast, this beach was a bit of a hike from where I live so I stuck to my plan, I could only hunt for 4 or 5 hours on the first day and maybe return for 2 hours the next morning because of family commitments. 
That afternoon, even though I showed up late I managed to recover 12 pieces of gold jewelry, slowly and methodically searching the cut beach.  

The next morning I returned for another couple of hours to battle the heavy competition and recovered another 3 pieces of gold jewelry.  

When a crowd, or group of people are metal detecting on a cut beach, you will find your share of gold if it is a good beach. 
People use different metal detectors, have different metal detecting styles, and are at different skill levels. 
Never be intimidated by a cut beach with a high number of people already searching it,  you never have to be the first one to search the cut to find gold. 

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