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Monday, March 24, 2014

Scouting new beach and shallow water hunting sites

I love searching for shipwreck artifacts and modern gold jewelry in Florida, you never know what you are going to return home with when you take the time to hunt different beaches. 
It would be easier to go to where every other beach or shallow water hunter goes, but that has never been my style. 
I prefer to move around and try different beaches, searching for old and modern finds on beaches that often see far less people metal detecting than popular tourist beaches. 
The great thing about scouting out and trying new beaches, once you start to recover finds you have the site all to yourself, if you do not tell anyone about them.
You can stockpile an impressive amount of productive beach and shallow water hunting hot spots over time, assuming you have the discipline to keep quiet about them. 
When other beach and shallow water hunters fall victim to "Sanded in" conditions on heavily hunted popular beaches, you can move around and try some of your previously discovered productive sites. 
You do not even have to travel very far to find productive sites, many popular beaches have less hunted areas only a short distance away. 
This heavy Platinum, gold and diamond ladies ring is proof of that, the expensive bling ring was found around the corner from a popular south Florida beach. 

I walked several hundred yards past the heavily hunted main section of beach to an area that is rarely hunted. 
Most beach hunters in the area turn around way before they get to where the corner obscures the steps leading down onto the beach from a high end vacation resort. 
My extra walk along the beach and around the corner paid off on the morning I found the bling ring. 
The bottom steps of the beach walkover were hanging in mid air,  several feet of sand had been eroded from the beach by wind and surf coming from just the right direction for the area. 
Previous searches around the corner tipped me off on what beach conditions to expect, even though the main beach several hundred yards around the corner was not effected by the same winds and waves. 
Do not be afraid to travel and scout out new beach sites, or search on the outskirts of heavily hunted beaches.  
It may surprise you just how many productive sites you can find, if you make the effort to have a long term treasure hunting plan instead of short gain local beach hunting plan.
On the treasure finds pages of my website I have many nice pieces of modern bling and old shipwreck finds, and they all have one thing in common.  
They were all found at different beaches!

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