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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Power hunting and top 10 tips list

Like many other people hooked on this great hobby, I class myself primarily as a weekend warrior and I have to make the most of any opportunity to go beach or shallow water hunting.
I try to be effective by "Power hunting" using either an all metal or discrimination search mode to blitz a chosen site for jewelry or coins.  
Since I have been doing this blog, I hear from many other part time beach and shallow water hunters in my area who ask me for advice or potentially good site information. 
My message inbox starts to fill up when people see conditions are good for treasure hunting, especially when finds are being posted on the internet.
First of all, you should never worry about what other people are finding because you only have control over your own treasure hunts.
It is important for part time hobby guys to pick and choose their battles.
My top ten tips for Power Hunting are;

1. Choose a local site.
 Spend more time metal detecting than driving, use up your valuable detecting time chasing treasure, not other treasure hunters!

2. Own the correct treasure hunting equipment.
Be ready for any beach or shallow water hunting situation, versatile treasure hunters adapt and change metal detectors and search coils to suit the conditions. 

3. Local knowledge rules! 
Use your knowledge of the local beaches to hit prime search areas within a local beach site, be the master of your local beaches.

4. Leave the house with a Plan B
Have a back up site, never go to the beach without knowing the best secondary site within reach.

5.  Be a methodical beach or shallow water hunter.
Methodically try to cover every square foot of the search area, drag your long handled scoop or use a GPS if you have one. 

6.  Maximize your metal detector and search coil depth.
Keep your search coil level and slightly scuffing the sand, both in or out of the water.

7.  Slow down 
Overlap your sweeps to help hit deep targets and improve target IDs on screened metal detectors. 
Overlapping sweeps actually forces you to slow down, overlapping sweeps is recommended when using Mono coils but it is just as effective when using Double D coils.

8. Double check
Always recheck your holes and any holes left behind by other beach or shallow water hunters. 

9. Leave no prisoners 
If you cover the search area using discrimination and recover targets, cover the same area in all metal.  Really hammer every site you search before leaving.

10. Be a positive treasure hunter.
Maintain a positive treasure hunting attitude, I always enjoy the feeling of contentment knowing that if any jewelry or coins were in the search area, I would surely have found them.

These are just a few of the things that help me to compete against the small army of full time beach and water hunters in my area. 
Try to remember, it is not how much beach you cover, it is how you cover the beach!

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