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Monday, November 11, 2013

More on traveling to beach and shallow water hunt

When you really know your local beaches and how to use a good metal detector, traveling to metal metal detect can be a good option. 
You can better  use your local beach and water reading skills to good effect on beaches you decide to travel to.
Knowing how to use a good versatile metal detector will also help you to compete with other beach and shallow waters in the area.
Relying on lady luck to walk over an old treasure coin or modern diamond ring is never the best beach or shallow water hunting strategy. 
It is always better to rely on your skill as a beach or water hunter, to maximize your chances of having a successful treasure hunt.
Always keep the "hunt" in treasure hunt,  it is called treasure hunting not treasure "chasing"
If you are traveling to search a beach because another person has recovered a good find, chances are that was the only good find and discovering the location of the recovered find will be very difficult.
Beach or shallow water hunters who post good finds on the internet rarely post the exact location, just a general area.  
Many beach and shallow water hunters base their detecting traveling plans on rumors or finds photos on internet detecting sites.
Sometimes, beach conditions can change a lot faster than a beach report or good find posted on the internet a few hours earlier. 
Add travel time and the fact that many other beach and shallow water hunters may have seen the same information and you have already missed the proverbial boat. 
Research, beach reading skills and your prowess as a beach or water hunter using a good metal detector are the keys to traveling and finding treasure. 

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